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Laser treatment for acne scars on skin of color is beneficial for many of our Chicago patients

Laser treatment for acne scars on skin of color from dermatologist Chicago

Acne can be a major issue in a person’s life. This is true regardless of age. The development of scars can be even worse, since scarring can leave marks that last far longer than the acne itself. There are various reasons a person may experience scarring from acne, such as:

  • Lack of prompt, appropriate treatment. The longer acne remains active on the skin, the greater the chance of scarring.
  • Acne is inflammatory. There are actually two types of acne, non-inflammatory and inflammatory. When acne is inflammatory, nodules and cyst may burst beneath the skin, sending toxins into tissues, which can lead to scarring.
  • Acne is popped, squeezed, or picked. This improper handling of pimples, blackheads, and cysts causes inflammation.
  • Other family members have acne scars. Genetics play a role.

While there are risk factors for scarring, that does not guarantee a person will develop scars, nor does it mean that a person without risk factors shouldn’t be concerned.

The cause of scarring

The damage from acne occurs both on and beneath the skin. As acne clears, the body repairs itself through the production of collagen. Collagen is a supportive substance that the skin needs to look and feel healthy. Too much or too little production of this substance, however, and a scar will appear. The appearance of that scar will depend on the amount of collagen produced.

Raised acne scars, which are common on skin of color, are the result of too much collagen. Depressed scars, on the other hand, occur when too little collagen is produced.

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Laser Treatment for Acne Scars on Skin of Color

Chicago dermatologist Dr. Jonith Breadon is happy to serve patients of all ages and backgrounds with care tailored to their skin type, tone, and needs. By applying specific wavelengths of light to affected skin, laser treatment reaches the sub-layers that support the epidermis. Through a natural healing process, the body releases treated, damaged tissue and rebuilds skin with newly formed collagen and elastin.

Laser treatments take minimal time and produce excellent results. Refresh your appearance. Contact us at (855) 400-3818.

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