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Non-surgical skin tightening in Chicago leads to lasting, natural results

Sculptra Procedure for skin tightening from Chicago Dermatologist

As aesthetic medicine has continually evolved over the past few decades, physicians such as Dr. Breadon have gained the ability to customize care to individual patients. Every one of us has unique skin needs different from anyone else’s. Perhaps you have noticed that your chin, cheeks, and jawline have lost definition. Maybe your brows are sitting lower on your forehead, making your eyes appear heavy. Maybe you want to address these issues in a non-surgical manner. Skin tightening in Chicago doesn’t have to involve cosmetic surgery. In fact, tighter skin can be achieved through the stimulation of a natural process.

Dr. Jonith Breadon has helped many of her patients regain confidence and satisfaction with their appearance with minimally invasive treatments. Seeking long lasting results, many patients who visit our office request more information on Sculptra. This poly-L-lactic acid product is not just a dermal filler. When injected into facial tissues, Sculptra does far more than plump lines and creases; it prompts a resurgence of volume.

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Volume loss is something that most people experience with age. What many don’t realize is this issue leads to many others, such as the loss of definition in the cheeks. Historically, facial aging has been corrected with a face lift procedure. The surgical tightening of skin, however, does not treat aging at its core. Skin becomes loose when the underlying mesh network of fibrous collagen breaks down. In order to achieve natural-looking definition in the face, one must restore volume rather than just tighten skin.

Sculptra treatment administered by Dr. Breadon beautifully contours areas such as the lower face, the temples, and the cheeks. It does so by stimulating the body to produce increased amounts of collagen on an ongoing basis. As the body’s production of collagen increases, the mesh network that supports tight, lifted skin is rebuilt. Results from treatment are not immediate, and several treatments may be scheduled over a few months. Sculptra provides gorgeous, lifted skin that remains taught and supple for up to two years.

The face of aging is changing in the most beautiful way. Call (855) 400-3818 to address your cosmetic concerns.

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